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Tailoring Arm

Bespoke Suits

Our 2-pc and 3-pc suits are meticulously crafted in our local workshop. With an extensive range of fabrics and customisation options to choose from, you can expect a creation that's rooted in traditional style with a modern touch that perfectly defines who you are.

Versatile Jackets

It is widely acknowledged that a stylish jacket is at the heart of any smart casual look. It pays to invest in a well tailored jacket that feels easy and contemporary. Get yours tailored to perfection in fabrics of the most premium quality.

Everyday Shirts

Formal business shirts or casual shirts are a staple in every man's wardrobe. Hence, it's important that they fit you perfectly. Whether it's in the boardroom or a formal event, give your confidence a boost with tailored shirts that are the handiwork of precision experts.

Modern Pants

A comprehensive series of well-tailored pants provides a reliable foundation on which to build your wardrobe. A well-fitted pair of pants that enhances your profile makes all the difference, especially in a social environment. From choosing the right fabric to thoughtfully adding customised details, we ensure you leave with neatly tailored pants of exacting craftsmanship.